Digitising Photos

Getting Started

Upload a Photo of your Photo

Take the photo from above as straight as possible.

Don't use a flash, it's best in good light.

Keep in focus.

The largest resolution your camera will allow.

Digitising Photos
Digitising Photos scanner

Scanning your photo

Scan at 600 dpi. 

Scan at 100%.

Crop to the edge of the photo.


Googles Photo Scan

Picture perfect and glare-free

PhotoScan stitches multiple images together to remove glare and improve the quality of your scans.

Digitising Photos Photoscan

How It Works

Upload your image(s) and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a price.

After you give the go ahead you will be sent a watermarked copy of your restored photo(s) for you to examine.

Only when you are happy with the restoration do you make payment.

Once you are happy and wish to purchase the completed restoration you will be sent a link to make payment.

Once payment is received your restored photo(s) will be emailed to you.

Recent Photo Restorations

Photograph Restoration and Repair by Photo Fixer 05 1

Restoring Detail

20 October 2018

I’m sure we all have a old passport photo strip hidden in a draw somewhere that has seen better days.…

Photograph Restoration and Repair by Photo Fixer 01

Vintage Photo Damage Repair

19 October 2018

This photograph came to us in quite a bad state of repair, but after many hours of loving photograph restoration…

Photograph Restoration and Repair by Photo Fixer 04

Photo Damage Repair

15 October 2018

This happy family photograph to repair came to us from Australia, we were particularly happy to replace the missing portions…

Photograph Restoration and Repair by Photo Fixer 03

Crease Removal

04 October 2018

This old wedding photograph was in need of some TLC. In this case it came to us creased and with…