Photograph Restoration and Repair Cost

You only pay once you have approved the results

Photo Damage Repair Costs

Grade 1 Damage

£6 - £15
  • Simple fade corrections
  • Contrast adjustments
  • Simple dust and scratch removal
  • Sharpening
  • Cropping

Grade 2 Damage

£16 - £25
  • Minor fading
  • Minor discolouration
  • Light mould or damage
  • Hair line Cracks

Grade 3 Damage

£26 - £45
  • Deep scratch marks
  • Small facial area corrections
  • Multiple paper wrinkles
  • Medium fading
  • Small areas missing

Grade 4 Damage

£45 & Up
  • Larger areas missing or damaged
  • Large facial area corrections
  • Larger areas of face or body missing
  • Heavy mould damage
  • Major rebuilding and object removing
  • Significant folds or tears
  • Heavy fading

Hand Colouring Costs

Grade A

From £25
  • Single or two figures on plain background
  • Little background detail
  • No complex patterns
  • No flowers

Grade B

From £35
  • Multiple figures 2 or 3
  • More complicated detail
  • patterned clothing etc

Grade C

From £50
  • Groups with less than 8 people
  • Intricate details (e.g flowers/patterns)
  • Vehicles
  • Animals
  • Many objects in the background

Grade D

£70 & Up
  • Very complex images
  • 8 figures or more
  • Crowd Photos
  • School Photos
  • Military Photos
  • Panoramas

Colouring is a separate cost and always performed after the restoration

*Price is determined on the level of work required

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